How to be a line judge in volleyball? (2023)

What is the role of the line judge in volleyball?

Each line judge controls an end line and an entire sideline. During the match, the line judges stand in their assigned areas and move from those areas to avoid interference with players playing the ball or to better observe a ball crossing the net near an antenna.

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What are the functions of the line judge?

The line judge is responsible for signalling whether a shuttlecock has landed in or out when the shuttlecock lands near the line assigned to them. The number of line judges around a court varies dependent on the level of the tournament.

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What is Judgement impossible in volleyball?

Judgement. Impossible. •Raise and cross both arms and. hands in front of the chest.

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How do you become a good line judge in volleyball?

It's important to be watching the ball, not the line. If you are watching the ball and not the line, there's a chance you could get the call wrong. This is because you won't have much time to focus on the line as the ball hits the ground.

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How do you judge a volleyball?

Gold Crown Volleyball - Line Judge Training - YouTube

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What is the first name of volleyball?

Originally known as “mintonette,” volleyball was the brainchild of American William G. Morgan, who came up with the idea for the new sport in 1895.

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Where does a line judge stand during a timeout in volleyball?

During time-outs, line judges stand at the intersection of the sideline and attack line near the referee on their their respective sides of the net (see Diagram E). The line judge on the side of team with the next serve will hold the ball.

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What does 4 fingers mean in volleyball?

Ball is out of bounds, outside antenna or player illegally in adjacent court. Touch. Ball is out of bounds after contacting a player. 4 contacts. Four fingers up.

How many line judges are there in volleyball?

The volleyball referee team includes the first referee, the second referee, the scorer and two line judges.

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Who serves first in volleyball?

Regardless of which team serves first, when your team begins to serve, the person in the back right corner will be the first one to serve for your team. When your team serves and wins the point, the same player will keep serving.

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What is the referee called in volleyball?

In USA or FIVB competition, the first referee is usually referred to as the first official or R1. In high school volleyball, the down referee is also known as theumpire. In USA or FIVB competition, the second referee is usually referred to as the second official or R2.

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Why is the referee important in the game?

The referee is the final decision-making authority on all facts connected with play, and is the match official with the authority to start and stop play and impose disciplinary action against players and coaches during a match.

How to be a line judge in volleyball? (2023)
How does the referee know if the ball is in or out of line?

If a ball is inside of that line or any part of the ball touches that line, it is considered “in.” If the ball is outside of the line and does not touch the line it is considered “out.” The official sign for a ball that is in bounds is both hands palms down facing the court.

How do you use line judge signals?


The flags should be solid red in color and of a recommended size of approximately 12 inches by 12 inches to approximately 16 inches by 16 inches. The flag and hand grip should be securely affixed to the pole. 1. Inbounds: Point with the flag down and toward the middle of the court.

How helpful the duties of the line judges to the referees in volleyball?

If a server steps on the line during a serve, the line judge watching the given line notifies the referees using a flag. When a player touches an out-of-play ball or if the ball hits an antenna, the designated line judge also indicates the interference.

What is the line judge signal if the flag is raise vertically?

Lines: Raise flag vertically. Lines: Raise flag and touch the top with the palm of the free hand. Lines: Wave flag over the head and point to the antenna or the respective line. Raise and cross both arms and hands in front of the chest.

What does line fault mean in volleyball?

Line-up Faults

A player is not in the correct line-up position before the set starts, they must go back to their line-up position. Penalty: None. A player is not in the correct line-up position after the set starts, they must go back to their line-up position.

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