Is Giannis Immortality good for basketball? (2023)

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Should I get Giannis Immortality?

OVERALL RATING. The Giannis Immortality is definitely a bang for the buck, considering its excellent aesthetics, cool colorways, top-tier traction, and not-so-bad cushion. Remember that ballers could enjoy all these attributes by only paying US$80, which is absolutely a steal.

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Are the Giannis Immortality shoes good for outdoor?

The Giannis Immortality is a pretty versatile shoe that works even outdoors. It's also perfect for players who are on a budget.

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Is Giannis Immortality 2s good?

User Reviews of the Nike Giannis Immortality 2:

Overall it was a great shoe and will be in my rotation. They feel very good on my feet i think it is a good option if you are on a budget but if not would get something else. Love this shoe. Looks nice and is so incredibly lightweight that it feels almost like nothing.

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Are Giannis immortality 2 good for outdoor?

The Giannis Immortality 2 can be used outdoors

One of the experts reports that the rubber outsole of this shoe is "super hard." Hence, the Giannis Immortality 2 is suitable for use on rough outdoor courts.

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What type of basketball shoe should I get?

When deciding on basketball shoes, look for a relatively flat and wide outsole to provide you with maximum balance. For added grip, search for outsoles that feature a herringbone or hexagonal pattern, since these are designed to help secure your feet and prevent you from sliding up and down the court.

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What shoe do most NBA players wear?

What are some of the most common NBA shoes? According to Kixstats, NBA players' favourite shoes in the 2021-22 season include the Nike's Kobe 6, Kobe V, Air Zoom G.T Cut, PG 5, Kyrie 7, KD 14, Kyrie Low 4, Air Jordan 36, Zoom Freak 3, and Adidas' Dame 7 Extply.

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How long do NBA players shoes last?

These materials all have a fatigue factor which greatly influences function of foot and stress delivered to bone and soft tissue structures. Players in the NBA will rarely use a basketball shoe for longer than 7-10 days before replacing it with a new pair of shoes.

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What basketball shoes miles Bridges wear?

Miles Bridges is an American forward who tends to mix and match the shoes he wears throughout the season. Bridges has so far been mostly seen wearing Nike PG 4s this year. He was drafted 12th overall in 2018 out of Michigan State, where he wore LeBron 15s.

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Which Giannis rookie card is the best?

The Ultimate List of 27 Giannis Antetokounmpo Rookie Cards (2022)
  • Most Popular: 2013 Prizm #290.
  • Budget: 2013 SP Authentic #36.
  • Autograph: 2013 Prizm Autograph #33.
  • Relic: 2013 Panini Titanium Rookie Patch.
  • RPA: 2013 National Treasures RPA.
  • Rare Insert: 2013 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection.
23 Mar 2022

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Are Giannis immortality 2 good for basketball?

Overall. The Giannis Immortality 2 is an above-average performance basketball shoe and a very good budget model. It's a shoe that smaller, faster players will appreciate the most.

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Is Giannis top 75 all time?

Following the Bucks' 103-96 loss to the Raptors on Saturday, he was handed The Athletic's list of the 75 greatest NBA players of all time.

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Are KD 12s comfortable?

According to KD fans, the KD 12 is one of the most comfortable and well-rounded basketball shoes Nike has created for Kevin Durant's growing signature line. With its innovative cushioning, materials, and support features, even non-KD fans are praising its on-court performance.

Is Giannis Immortality good for basketball? (2023)
Is Kyrie good for outdoor?

We also thought that the Kyrie 7 was quite durable. Just by touching it, we noticed that the mix of materials was just excellent. We could definitely use this outdoors without having to worry about it wearing down.

Is Harden Stepback 2 durable?

No problem with the Adidas Harden Stepback 2. With reasonable care, the Stepback 2 can last long even when used outdoors. The materials, especially the rubber outsole, seem to be sturdy enough to withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors.

Does basketball shoe really matter?

Since the basketball player is sprinting across the basketball court at a very high speed, he is likely to trip and fall resulting in injuries if he wears the standard sports shoes. The basketball shoes have a better grip so that the player will not trip easily.

Do shoes matter in basketball?

The goal of performance basketball shoes is to facilitate powerful cutting and jumping while reducing non-contact injury rate. Midsole stiffness, height of the collar, and foam durometer are all important considerations for the best basketball shoe for you.

Is it OK to wear basketball shoes outside?


The cardinal rule is to never wear your indoor shoes outside. Doing so can cause your basketball shoes to lose both grip and color faster. If you avoid exposing them to the elements, they will likely last much longer.

Does rubbing alcohol damage shoes?

DO NOT use rubbing alcohol, bleach, scented laundry detergent or fabric softeners. These dry out and crack the shoe's soles and leave greasy residue.

Are Giannis Immortality good for guards?

Giannis Immortality

Versatile and agile—just like their namesake Giannis Antetokounmpo—these basketball shoes have great traction so guards can shuffle, pivot and defend in both indoor and outdoor game play.

Do NBA players get new shoes every game?

Some do, some don't. It really all depends on the player. Some players like to break in their shoes and get rid of them after they're worn down. Others like to play with a fresh pair every game…

Can NBA players wear Jordans in game?

Absolutely! You don't have to play basketball to wear Jordan's. They are shoes, I wouldn't even wear them to PLAY basketball honestly. Most of the Jordan's aren't built for basketball but than again there are some pairs that are designed to play in.

How long do Jordan's last?

How Long Do Jordans Last? Similar to Air Max sneakers, Air Jordans can last around 7-10 years in storage. Occasionally wearing them can increase this time period. Conversely, wearing them daily can accelerate their deterioration.

What athlete sells the most shoes?

#1 LeBron James

Of all active NBA players, LeBron James sells the most shoes. He was poached by all the major shoe brands - Nike, Adidas, and Reebok - but chose Nike despite Reebok offering more money. 5-years ago today, Nike signed LeBron James to a lifetime deal worth over $1 billion.

Do NBA players reuse their jerseys?

No they don't. Each NBA team has a kit manager who is responsible for ensuring the correct jerseys are available for each game. Factoring in road trips, washing, jersey exchanges, accidental damage. Making it look like every game jersey is always brand new is a complex job.

What shoe does Ja Morant wear the most?

The shoe Ja wore the most on the court, by far, was the Nike Kobe 6 Protro.

What shoes does Miles Morales wear?

The Air Jordan 1 Origin Story Spider-Verse (Style Code: 555088-602) celebrates the release of Marvel's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse with Miles Morales.

Are Giannis Immortality good for volleyball?

Nike Giannis Immortality

Despite the lower price point, this shoe is an excellent performer that's hard to beat without paying significantly more.

Is Giannis the best PF of all time?

The greatest power forward is currently none other than Giannis Antetokounmpo. The lad has averaged 30.2 points per game, 12.8 rebounds, and 5.1 assists in 21 postseason games. With the NBA championship title and the ability to guard multiple positions, no one deserves it more than Antetokounmpo.

Can Giannis be the greatest of all time?

Giannis is a great role model. His hard work and determination has earned him the MVP and the best in the world! He is such a team player and appreciates all his teammates. He has brought the “life” back to our Milwaukee Bucks.

How much do Giannis Immortality weight?

Comparison to Similar Shoes:
Nike Giannis ImmortalityUnder Armour Curry 8
User Rating8.39.0(0.7)
Best Price$55 $80$159.99
Type of CutLow TopLow Top
Weight300g - 320g320g - 340g
1 more row

Is it OK to wear basketball shoes for volleyball?

Yes, you can. Many players wear basketball shoes when playing volleyball as they feel that these shoes offer better stability and grip on the court.

What's the difference between volleyball shoes and basketball shoes?

The two major differences between volleyball shoes and basketball or running shoes are their soles and their weight. Volleyball shoes need to allow the player to move the way the game demands. The weight of the shoe is very lightweight.

How can you tell if basketball shoes are fake?

Examine the condition of the shoes.

Real Nikes are always softer X Research source than fake ones. This is because they are made from real leather, while fake Nikes are manufactured from pleather. The midsoles of fake Nike shoes tend to have visible dots from the manufacturing process, unlike real Nike shoes.

Who is statistically the best NBA player of all time?

1Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1,560
2LeBron James1,374
3Karl Malone1,476
4Kobe Bryant1,346
8 more rows

Who has the best form in NBA history?

#1 Ray Allen

The all-time leader in three-pointers made in the regular season, Ray Allen, has the single greatest shot in NBA history from an aesthetical standpoint. Allen is the owner of the greatest shooting form in NBA history and made a Hall of Fame career out of timely shots and his pretty jumper.

Who has the most 3 of all time?

Stephen Curry

Where is Giannis on the top 75 list?

24, Giannis Antetokounmpo has become one of the game's most decorated players in less than a decade.

What does EP mean on shoes?

Ep stands for Engineered Performance. Built with high-durability rubber for extensive outdoor play. 20.

Is PG 6 good for outdoor?

The PG 6 has a really good bite on both the hardwood and concrete outdoor courts. Worries about slipping and falling easily become a thing of the past with this one.

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